Tuesday, February 16, 2010

it's snowing on my blowing own horn....

Ok, article off AND THEN BACK, YEESH!! okay, off again. We just changed from c*mc*st to Veri$on and got a bunch of Your Mail was returned from folks and some the other way...

I don'tunderstandthe intranet, I really don't. 20plus years ago I'd hammer out my review of the rock band, walk the 1.5 miles to the Phoenix office, type it in on their system (because we'd already eliminated typesetters by then). Hang around while the editor smoked 10,000 cigarettes and had another 20,000 cups of coffee and jawed on the phone. Eventually tell said editor I HAVE TO GO NOW YOU WANT TO CALL ME WITH THE CHANGES? which would usually prompt some action, altho this editor was a CLASSIC Capricorn, e.g., notgonnamoverealfast not matter what. It seemed like a gigantic improvement to hammer out my review of the rock band on the 2-disc Epson PC I had, schlep said disk to the phoenix, input it into the editor's PC, follow next steps, rinse, repeat. 

Somewhere along the line everything I do HERE shows up THERE. unless it doesn't. Aargh!! Well, I have written a humdinga of an article about TAE and the general ideas behind TAE which will be in their next newsletter which is actually a v. nice 4-color salestool. I need to request a GIGANTIC PILE of these as the peregrinations to SPREAD JOY about my book (buymybookbuymybook) begins. 

Excpet there's 6plus inches of snow that came down today. phooey. 

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