Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 3

How do you do marketing and PR on a Sunday? I got so fired up after the Friday phone meeting I'm pedalling in place. Ok, I TOLD people in person about TAE :-) The Cronins have promised to come to the reading at B&N when it comes. Dan and I have the same birthday and were seated in adjoining seats throughout my three years at Lunenburg High School. He's calmed down A LOT and became a lawyer so his argumentative impulses are safely channelled. Heh. Since Saturn is in Libra from now through 2012, I keep track of him and his wife Jacquie (who's later on in the sign) to let them know what mischief the universe has in store. 

I also told my two clients yesterday -- one asked the perfect lead-in questions. "I want to learn how to get along with Tauruses!" she said and I was able to say I have JUST the book for you!

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