Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I heard from my Librapublicist Jennifer at Llewellyn who seems to be in that null space in American life known as Between Flights. I think it's one of those flash-forward settings on LOST, also. 

To answer some questions folks had: where to buy the book. EVENTUALLY barnes and nobles and borders. By ALL means request it NOW! and I'm calling the local B&N to confirm a reading...

Fellow Libra News. I should have remembered Bode Miller was a Libra -- albeit in the Simon Cowell/Eminem flavor of Libra. Which is to say that in chaos, we find harmony, versus finding it in, you know, actual harmony. (Exception for Simon, who obviously does like harmony, but is an uncharacteristically outspoken Libra. Like Oscar Wilde, although I keep hoping he'll be a tiny bit wittier than he is. But I digress. Which is a Libra thing). Bode, like many other Libras is in the early stages of another @#$%^^& Saturn aspect; this one the Saturn conjunct solar aspect. Think back to 81-83, if you want a preview. I just really, really, really hope he pulls it out for the Olympics. He transcends it all...

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