Wednesday, February 10, 2010

April 24, Gibson's Bookstore, 1:30 pm

There's a bakery next door to Gibson's in Concord NH. I love visiting Concord, and made my first foray up there during a presidential primary last time around. Gibson's has a wide range of quality reading material and I hope we can get some advance press happening so people are lined up. 

New moon on Friday, so I may make more calls then, but from now until then, it's that accident-prone dark of the moon time which I've found finds me slightly uncoordinated when it comes to any outreach. I have a piece about the book due Monday for Llewellyn's in-house magazine which goes ALL over so v. happy about that. 

80 years ago, if Virginia Woolf sold 5000 copies of something it was a runaway best-seller. And she wasn't "Virginia Woolf" back then. Not to compare myself with the foremost genius/stylist/avatar of text (how many writers ALSO were successful publishers?) but the scale of publishing is so different and so splintered. My book can be catalogued (and will be marketed) as new age self-help, and of course the "astrological" in the title puts it on another shelf. I'm hoping the "astrological" adjective is a selling point. When I found my interest in this topic piqued I couldn't read enough books about it. Now I've created my own and hopefully the general reading audience as well as the specialists will discover it and make it their own. My favorite books are literally falling apart and held together by rubber bands. 

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