Friday, June 18, 2010


Thanks to Liz Bentz for having me come and present my astrology workshop. Liz is the second Aquarian library program director who's wanted the astrology, and for my money there's no trendspotter as acute as a watercarrier. 

Nice group of folks -- NO earth signs and mostly born between Scorpio and Pisces. At one point, the 2 Scorpio people were looking at me in the EXACT same way (amused/skeptical) -- these 2 folks did not know each other....

It's really fun presenting "the basics" about the 12 signs and having the Elizabethan lore woven in. When you know Shakespeare would have called you melancholic (water signs) or choleric (fire signs) or sanguine (air signs) or bilious (earth signs) there's comfort to be had. Next stop: Brookline Booksmith. But if you want a copy of TAE, email me at Happy to send as a gift w/a card....

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