Wednesday, May 5, 2010

B&N, Leominster

Barnes & Noble signing/reading was VERY fun! Got to see old friends, former writing class students and hear what's new with them AND met lotsa new folks, many of whom had read the Telegram piece!

Just rec'd email from Jennifer at Llewellyn, entree to the world of the PODCAST!! Have done radio and of course am on WCRN every Monday but a chunk o'time to talk about the book. 

Also did a reading in the B&N Cafe. Some people not in our group seemed to listen. It was slightly easier than the Gibson's reading, during which time Jet decided if I was going to talk SHE was going to talk, and talk LOUDER! Note to self: the baby at the reading better be sleeping. 

Next TAE activity: Taping with Christina for CITY VIBES, Worcester cable on Tuesday. 

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