Sunday, April 25, 2010

Readings and signings

The FIRST official reading for TAE was at Gibson's Bookstore in Concord, NH. Thank you Michael and Deb for setting this up. It was great to see classmates Becky and John and to meet so many members of my cousin Susan's writing group (Romance writers and Bow writers). I am exceedingly grateful to Susan because Jet wasn't sure what to make of the reading process, in that if I am holding HER I need to be talking to HER not these people she doesn't know who are sitting on folding chairs looking hopeful and expectant!

So Susan took small, thrashy wailing child out in the sun and apparently Jet calmed down whenever a doggie went by. 

As for the reading -- I am used to extemporizing from text, from teaching college classes, but I found it was WAY better to stick to a chapter and just READ it. I touched on all 12 signs/4 elements frequently and at one point, giving the historical overview, I mentioned my uncle Jim who was a space physicist at Goddard Labs for NASA (he was of the opinion that since we can't DISPROVE astrology as it's connected to astronomy we have to keep an open mind. Which is a very purescience way to go and much appreciated by me through the years) .Anyway, as soon as I mentioned that, a lady in the front row said is that Jim TRAINOR? I said yes, and she said she was Barbara Lowrie who'd worked at NASA at the same time.  She was SUPER helpful when the question came about Pluto and it's recent dismissal as an official member of the solar system. I knew Pluto had an odd eliptic (in that it crossed paths with Uranus) which was one of the arbiters along with its being tiny, but it was good to hear from a real SPACE PHYSICIST on this front. She said her 5 year old grandson was OUTRAGED that Pluto wasn't a real planet and couldn't discuss it. 

Anyway, I found Pluto helpful in chart reading just as the little rock got downgraded, and said as much. Pluto in Capricorn has accompanied this economic disaster/malaise, so we're in for a ride for the next 27plus years (counting rx's). Nice to see Harvard X friend Anne Farma too! I definitely got the sense from this reading that the point of doing readings/appearances was to put your presence in the store and that other people who weren't in the store looking at my book at THAT very minute would, at some point in the future walk in. 

At least that's my hope!

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